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21st Century Learning Associates is an education consultancy. Our goal is to support the transformation of public education to 21st Century models of learning. You will find a lot of information about how to write, academic papers, term papers, research, thesis, essays, reviews and so on. It is very important to all people to learn new things and change their studying mechanisms. New mechanisms allow learning and understanding more. In the knowledge and digital age, creativity, innovation, collaboration and digital competence are the major socio-economic drivers of progress. New models of learning must be pursued if our students are to be engaged and positioned for success. Our motto, Transforming the Learning Universe, underlines this belief.

Our services are specifically designed to support those responsible for and engaged in public education to build the kind of learning models our children need and deserve. Learning models determine the quantity of their future knowledge. Old models of education must be replaced with new and actual. Previous century was great and brought a lot of progress to the since and all people must use only new and advanced technologies of education to make this process easier and more beneficial. Unfortunately many universities continue using old mechanisms but we are here to change the situation.

Our team members have direct experience in designing and implementing 21st Century learning models, programs, services, partnerships and networks. We are committed to supporting our clients transform their learning universe.


Writing in college is actually different from that in high school. You will face with new tasks and challenges. That does not mean that what you learned in high will no longer be important when you join college, you will need to apply the skills learned in high school to construct paragraphs that are coherent and focused. So how can a student make a successful transition from high school to college?

Academic writing is the kind of writing that entails finding an interesting topic or question that is appropriate and relevant to not only you but to the academic community as a whole. It is writing that is usually done by scholars and it is intended to be used by scholars. Its main objective is usually to present the reader with an informed argument that will leave him/her looking for more answers. This means that if your writing fails to inform or argue then it will not meet the expectations of the academic reader.

Here are main categories of Academic papers: Research paper, Case report or Case series, Position paper, Review article or Survey paper, Species paper and Technical paper.

Key features of academic writing:

  • It is usually written by scholars to be read by scholars.
  • It must have interesting topic that is relevant and appropriate not only to the writer but to the academic community as a whole.
  • It must present the reader with an informed argument.


A student writes Term Paper during an academic term. It usually account for large part of the grade and it is usually intended to describe a concept, event or argue a point. It usually involve a lot of research. Student are always given time to do their own research and complete the paper. It is usually submitted at the end of the semester and contains several typed pages. The key to successful term paper is by using notes, lectures, books, online sources and articles to gather your thoughts opinions and facts about the subject at hand.

Tips that can help you write a good term paper.

  • Choose a topic that you are familiar with and one that you are particularly interested with.
  • Do a thorough research to understand the background of the topic and the current thinking.
  • Refine your thesis statement. This actually means you reflect back over the chosen topic and try to pinpoint strong idea that you can clearly defend throughout the paper to clear any doubt out the readers mind.
  • Develop an outline for the paper to guide on where you are heading.
  • Ensure that you make your point in the introduction part of the paper then convince the readers with your body paragraph. Make sure your paragraphs supports your arguments in a new way.


Thesis is a document that is often written by students particularly masters and PHD to support professional qualification that present the authors findings. Thesis always focus on a particular topic that relates to the authors field of study with an elaborate detail about the topic. A document will only qualify to be called a thesis if the author is able to prove a certain topic of discussion beyond reasonable doubt to the readers. It include finding and statistics that is normally derived from a detailed research.

A thesis can take months or even years to be completed. After it is written, the author must present orally and prove to a dissertation committee that will listening. The committee will be asking rigorous questions and the author will be required to give satisfactory answers to the panel. A thesis is always arguable meaning that the author must choose a topic that is worth proving. The author must come up with an arguable statement that will require a solid evident to prove it. It is usually expressed as a statement and its main objective is to answer research questions.

Features of a thesis.

  • It is arguable.
  • It always tries to answers research question.
  • It is usually expressed as a statement.
  • It is objective.
  • It is focused and specific.

After a panel of committee has accepted the thesis, the author can either publish the thesis as an article or inform of a book. Before writing a thesis, student are always advised to conduct a thorough research especially when choosing the topic. Students are always advised to choose a topic that are very familiar with.


If you have been assigned the task of writing an essay, you may be wondering what exactly an essay is, how long it should be, what it should be about and if there are any specific rules or format to follow. An essay is a brief non-fiction composition. The primary function of an easy is to enable the author to express his point of view. For example, a person who is particularly passionate about political issue may write an essay to support his thoughts especially when an issue is controversial one. However, it is very important to note that not all essays are argumentative in nature. However, the function of each is always the same and that is to express thoughts and opinions. An essay can be literally criticism, learned arguments, political manifestos, recollections, observations of daily life and reflection of the authors.

Types of essays.

  • Descriptive essays. Their main aim is usually to provide a clear picture of an object, person, location, debate or event. It usually provide detailed picture that can enable the reader to image the item being described.
  • Narrative essays. Its main aim is usually to describe the course of event from the subject vantage point and can be written in first person.
  • Persuasive essays. In persuasive essays, the writer always tries to persuade or convince the readers to agree or accept with a certain opinion.
  • Argumentative essays. They are often used to describe controversial issues.
  • Compare and contrast essays. The main aim of this essay is to try to develop a relationship between one or two things.