How does our company logo relate to our team’s beliefs about and commitment to 21st Century learning? Our logo actually finds its roots in the 16th Century, with Nicholas Copernicus. From the dawn of history until the 16th Century the known universe consisted of only eight bodies: Earth; Sun; Moon; Mercury; Venus; Mars; Jupiter; and Saturn, and of course the fixed stars, the ones that could be seen easily without any optical instruments. In Europe at that time the prevailing theory of the universe was called the Ptolemaic system with the earth at the centre of the universe and the other bodies revolving around it in concentric rings. However, once Galileo cast his telescope onto the heavens life became a little more complicated for the people espousing the Ptolemaic system theory.

In 1543 Nicholas Copernicus, published his Heliocentric Theory. His publication, entitled On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres, contended, correctly so that the Earth was not in fact the centre of the universe but that it revolved, with the other celestial bodies, around a centrally located sun. Copernicus' vews were revolutionary and fostered new directions in scientific thought and challenged the way that research was done. The paradigm shift that resulted from Copernicus' work is referred to as the Copernican or Scientific Revolution.

For years the world has developed education systems, curriculum and pedagogy on the basis of the need to process high volumes of students through school corridors. Today, with advancements in both the science of learning and digital information and communication technologies, we are positioned to design and implement learning models that personalize learning for our students. Instead of the students “orbiting” around a fixed education system and a static array of learning experiences, the learning model of the 21st Century will “orbit” around the student. The Canadian student will be the centre of the education universe and the learning experiences tailored to his or her learning interests and needs. And in an age where creativity, innovation, entrepreneurialism, collaboration and individual motivation will be the hallmarks of a society’s economic, social and environmental progress, not to mention personal empowerment and success, we all need to appreciate the scope of the changes in public education that are required. Our company’s logo pays tribute to Copernicus’ transformational new vision in the 16th Century of how the universe was ordered by symbolizing how the five most important “spheres” public education: Curriculum; Pedagogy; Learning Environment; Governance; and Citizen Engagement must now revolve around the Canadian student (red Maple leaf).

Our company believes that 21st Century learning is the genesis of a transformational new world view of public education, which places the student at the centre of learning. However, more than the concept of student-centred learning this new theory of education is also calling for “personalizing the learning experience.” We believe that 21st Century learning is about transforming the learning universe.