21st Century Learning Associates (21CLA) has designed a 21st Century Learning Readiness Indicator Grid, called RK21, to measure the status of individual schools and school systems relative to a 21st Century learning model. RK21 is founded on a number of guiding principles believed essential to any 21st Century model of learning and six readiness themes that are designed to reflect the status of a school, school district, or school system in relation to achieving a 21st Century model of learning.

The purpose of public education in the 21st Century is to position the upcoming generation for success in a rapidly changing, innovation driven society. Global leaders are calling for public education to shift from its traditional agrarian and industrial paradigms to 21st Century models of learning. As schools and education systems shift their programs and services from the traditional to the modern, indicators of 21st Century teaching and learning in the information-rich digital age are evident and measurable. This fact led 21CLA to create RK21.

21CLA has worked closely with a number of educational jurisdictions across Canada. The RK21 Readiness Assessment tool has been instrumental in determining the state of readiness of education systems and in charting courses of action for schools developing 21st Century models for learning.