21st Century Learning Associates is a Canadian education consultancy comprised of a network of education experts delivering Strategy, Planning, Policy and Workshops to public education leaders and organizations. We are highly experienced strategists and practitioners who share a vision of transforming public education to 21st Century models of learning and the role and power of digital technology in enabling the transformation. We are committed to meeting your needs beyond your expectations. Given the nature of our Associates model we are able to customize our work to meet client requirements.

We offer the following range of services:

Strategic Planning Visioning and strategic planning expertise and development services in the field of public education, including policy, legislative and regulatory.


Access to our company's digital library on 21st Century Learning Executive Leadership Development Workshops designed to build executive level knowledge of and expertise in 21st Century learning models.

Aboriginal Education Strategic planning, advice and workshops in the field of aboriginal education based on our interest and involvement in aboriginal education at both the provincial and national level.

Mentoring and Coaching Mentoring and coaching services to senior executives developing and executing public education strategic plans, policies and services.

International Education

Strategic planning, advice and workshops in the field of international education based on our years of experience in China and other countries. Assessments and Reviews Assessment and reviews on the state of readiness for and progress in the design and implementation of 21st Century learning models.

Keynote Addresses

In the fields of 21st Century learning, aboriginal education, international education and public education in general