John Kershaw served as Deputy Minister with the New Brunswick Department of Education from October 1st, 2003 to October 31st, 2010.

During his time as Deputy Minister, his management team advocated for and designed a 21st Century learning model of public education. Entitled NB3-21C: Creating a 21st Century Learning Model of Public Education, the team’s plan called for transforming New Brunswick’s public education, including the integration of 21st Century competencies and the creation of ICT rich learning environments, within an ambitious three year timeframe. John chronicled New Brunswick’s journey to a 21st Century learning agenda on the ITBusiness.ca blog site and continues to write articles for the blog site to share his views on 21st Century learning. John has spoken internationally, nationally and regionally on 21st Century models of public education. In 2010 Mindshare Learning named him as one of Canada’s leading newsmakers in education technology.

During his tenure at Education the management team also led major reforms in First Nations education in New Brunswick, including the establishment of a new tripartite partnership agreement between the province, federal government and First Nation communities targeted at eliminating the gap in student achievement between aboriginal students and the general student population.

From 2008 to 2009 John chaired the Council of Canada’s Deputy Ministers of Education where he oversaw the creation of Canada’s first pan-Canadian learning strategy, entitled Learn Canada 2020. During 2008-2009 John served as the representative of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) on OECD’s Centre for Education Research and Innovation (CERI).

Prior to his tenure with the Department of Education John served from 2001 to 2003 as the Deputy Minister of New Brunswick’s Department of Intergovernmental and International Relations where he represented the province in regional, national and international intergovernmental forums.

John has over 30 years of experience in public administration.

David Roberts served as Assistant Deputy Minister for New Brunswick’s Department of Education for over four years and has over 35 years of experience in the New Brunswick civil service as a teacher, administrator and “civic entrepreneur”.

During his time with Education his team of educators and digital technologists led the design of New Brunswick’s 21st Century learning agenda. As part of the 21st Century learning agenda implementation strategy David’s team signed three major new agreements relating to pre-service teaching standards, on-line delivery of in-service teacher training services and the adoption of 21st Century learning standards in the Department’s international education program.

David’s team also lead major reforms in Education relating to performance based management, including improving and streamlining the student assessment and school accountability framework. As President of the Department’s Atlantic Education International, David led his international team in the expansion and diversification of New Brunswick’s international education program in public education. The international program includes an international partnership whereby multiple schools in China are using the New Brunswick public education curriculum, and numerous Chinese students attend a semester of high school in New Brunswick schools.

David was a founding member of the New Brunswick Information Highway and the creator of Connect NB Branche and Canada’s Community Access Network (CAP). He has served as Chair of the ADM Committee of CMEC and has consulted and worked with educational and technical teams in Malaysia, China, USA, Bangladesh, England, Australia, Argentina and across Canada.

David has been the recipient of four national awards of excellence in the public service over the past 10 years.