Term Paper - Writing Tips and Information

A Term Paper is a lengthy essay written by a student on a topic drawn from college or school work covered within a specific academic term. This kind of academic writing accounts for a significant portion of a student’s grade. It is usually written to describe concepts, events or argue certain points.

The length of a Term Paper depends on the topic and there is no standard. A document with 14 pages will be good if there are many interesting facts and conclusions. Instructors usually offer guidelines on the focus and length of term paper. You should talk to your professor in order to find out the exact requirements. Some professors like large documrnts with a lot of tables and diagrams, while others prefer shorter documents.


A student can select a topic that will enhance his understanding and knowledge of a concept. Students need an idea to act as a foundation for the paper. The idea should be based on something that they noticed while analyzing a text. It has to be an aspect that requires further attention because it contributes to the general meaning of a text.

The key to writing a good term paper largely depends on the topic selected. Topic should be interesting to you. If you don’t like the subject, you will have to force yourself to write and you will most likely spend more time for researches. Interesting topic will make research and writing process easier. The following tips will help you with topic selection:

  • It’s a good idea to select a topic you are familiar with. Most of the students have different hobbies and interest. Selecting a topic connected with your hobby will give you good advantage. You will be able to find data and start writing faster because you will spend less time for getting familiar with the subject.
  • Try to avoid selecting “wide” topics. If it is too wide you will not be able to show deep researches. Especially if you are required to write only 10 pages… Try to select something more narrowly focused. This will help you to write better Term Paper with deep research of the subject.
  • Make sure there are enough research sources for taking different data. The key of any good research is to find enough data for making analysis. If your topic doesn’t allow to find enough data you are in trouble. It’s much better to select something with large amount of research resources available.

It’s a good idea to visit library and talk to librarians before making final decision. Librarians are familiar with similar tasks. They see a lot of students every year and they can give advice about selecting a topic. They can also tell you about the availability of information about the particular subject. Don’t hestitate to visit your library and ask for advice.


You should have a plan and you should understand what you need to do before you start working on a term paper. The best approach is to read as much information about the topic as possible. Scan several references and identify a few solid ones that you can actually use. Some of the references contain all the details you require while others will lead you to ones that are more relevant. Use secondary sources as leads for primary ones. This gives students a good overview of the topic and makes them familiar with it. Encyclopedias, periodicals, and journals are great resources but you have to look beyond them to strengthen your ideas.

Consult librarians when looking for information. But this should only be after you have a general idea of the topic you want to discuss. Once you have a good understanding of the topic, you need to refine it to get a better focus for the paper. You will probably gather more information than you actually need to come up with, but this is better than having limited resources.

Writing Guidelines

Writing a Term Paper is not an easy task. That’s because it requires a lot of attention and research. A student has to search for the information: read books, visit libraries, use internet and so on. The amount of information is usually very big and you will have to analyze and select the data. Very often you will have to make your own calculations and make your own conclusions. As you see the amount of time you will have to spend is rather big. The following recommendations will help you to make writing process easier:

Avoid using superfluous words when writing a term paper. It is possible to communicate effectively without using a lot of words. Think of a single word to replace some of your phrases to make your text clearer. This will make your document more readable and interesting.

Several students use redundant words in their writing. Eliminate words that tend to communicate the same idea. It is also important to exclude tired expressions that people tend to use in their everyday conversations.

You should only write the things you comprehend. Understand the concept first then write it down. The focus of the paper should be clear from the introduction. Each section should be connected. It is also necessary to consider the best style and language to use to communicate your ideas.

Identify a style you are comfortable with and apply it in your writing. You should not imitate other people’s approaches. To establish a writing style that works for you, write down your thoughts on the subject even before you start to carry out research.

Each paragraph should contain a single argument. Start with a proposition and then elaborate on it while giving evidence to support your argument.

References and Citations

Cite and include references of the sources you have used to obtain information. Information should only remain unreferenced if it is common. Referencing ensures the original sources are credited for their effort. References should be detailed to make it easy for the reader to find the sources on their own. Select a specific reference style and be consistent. Most instructors will specify the kind of style you should use.

Review Paper

It is essential to review the document before you submit it. Make sure the content addresses the topic you have selected. Check the paper to determine if it has strayed to other topics. The whole organization and structure should be suitable for the subject. It also needs to make it easy for the reader to go through the content.

Neatness is required when writing a text. Instructors consider grammar and spelling when they grade papers. The main objective of this kind of academic writing is to train you to organize thoughts and express them clearly and coherently. Include page numbers and space the content appropriately.

  • Pay a lot of attention to choosing a topic. This is the most important part of any research. You will have to search for material and write about the subject, so if the topic is interesting you will not have to force yourself to write.
  • Don’t rush to start writing. Collect different data and materials first. Make your own research and find something interesting. It’s great if your paper offers some interesting points of view.
  • Prepare writing plan and pay attention to time management. Most of the students don’t pay enough attention to this and have to pay for this later. But if you have a writing plan you will be able to finish your work in time.

Term Paper Writing Service

There are special Term Paper Writing Services that can help student with writing a good document. Please note, that such services are not “legal” and you shouldn’t use these services if you want to become good specialist. Students usually use such services when they are in trouble and have no time or will to writeю

Writing Services can help if you have selected a difficult topic and don’t know what to do. You can’t find the information and you see that you will not succeed. Some students hire writers if they don’t need the knowledge. For example if they are studying for getting promotion.